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  Leon Unruh at the Perch overlooking the Eagle River in Chugach State Park

Leon Unruh at the Perch overlooking the Eagle River in Chugach State Park.

Recommended books

Here are some books I especially enjoyed writing or editing.

Dog of the Afterworld, by Leon Unruh.Dog of the Afterworld

By Leon Unruh ($15. Birchbark Press, 2013)

Nikolai Fyodorov, a young Russian assassin on a mission to punish a turncoat in Alaska-s largest city, is humiliated by a mysterious gunman. Nikolai is given one chance to redeem himself with a new assignment that will shape the U.S. Senate -- and to do it he must go to the windy, hot plains of Kansas. He finds a state beset by industrial farming, extreme right-wing politics, and kidnappers who prey on teenage girls. Nikolai confronts the betrayal that led him into the assassin's trade and the price he must pay for his family's past -- and he must escape the temptation of love that draws him toward his own death.

Final Destinations Final Destinations: A Travel Guide to Remarkable Cemeteries in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana

By Brian Wooley, Larry Bleiberg, Leon Unruh, Jean Simmons, Tom Simmons, Kathryn Straach and Bob Bersano (University of North Texas, 2000)

Focusing on cemeteries in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, I wrote a third of the chapters and took half the photos in this fun guide.

Flyover People by Cheryl Unruh.Flyover People: Life on the Ground in a Rectangular State

By Cheryl Unruh (Quincy Press, 2010)

I edited and designed this book, which compiles Cheryl's insightful and wide-ranging essays about life in Kansas.

Mountain Bike AnchorageMountain Bike Anchorage

By Rose Austin (Near Point Press, 2005)

I edited this well-written and thorough guide to biking the paved and dirt trails in the Municipality of Anchorage.

Yours for Western Alaska by Tom Busch. This history of KNOM radio in Nome describes the pain and pleasures of setting up and operating a station near the Arctic Circle.

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